Sunday, 25 December 2016

Significance of Christmas : A lesson in simplicity

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”
“And the Word became flesh.
~John 1:1 and 14:

This verse sums up the entire purpose of the festival of Christmas!


A celebration of the birth of the incarnation of God himself!

An incarnation who was fully god and fully man both at the same time.

A celebration of the Lord stepping out of eternity into time to become a man of flesh and blood, in the form of Jesus.

Jesus- the Savior, who had come to redeem his children of their sins and to bestow upon them his purest love.

The birth of Jesus was no ordinary birth. Yet, the birth that was prophesized hundred of years before he was born, happened in the womb of a virgin mother and in a lowly stable.
THAT, is the very essence of the festival!

The birth in a manger.

Effacing in simplicity.
Bathed in humility.

These are probably the two very qualities that every religion links to spirituality. Years have rolled by, sages and come and saints have gone and yet their basic teachings remain the same. Be simple. Be humble.

That is what the birth of Christ symbolizes too. Simplicity in thoughts and living. Humility in behavior.  The spiritual awakening comes to the seeker, who is perfectly humble and simple.

The birth happening of a virgin mother.

If Simplicity is in the intention, purity is in the affection; simplicity turns to God; purity unites with and enjoys him. ~ Thomas A Kempis.

The human heart hungers for constancy- constancy in thoughts and actions, constancy in behavior and constancy in relationships. It is this purity or virginity of thought which leads us to the birth of goodness.

The birth happening in the darkest corner of a stable.

Jesus was God's child, and he could have chosen to be born in a palace. But he chose to be born in the darkest corner of a stable. Was he trying to tell us something? Perhaps he was.
The Christ spirit or the spirit of being one with the Lord takes birth in the deep and dark recesses of the human mind, corrupted by ignorance, superstition, greed, hatred and hypocrisy. When we look inward with total self-effacement or self-abnegation, it leads us to light or self-awareness.

How profound, isn’t it? 

Let me leave you with these thoughts to contemplate on.

Merry Christmas.

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